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    Once again, Easy Coder lives up to its name, as the most user-friendly
    diagnosis code book on the market.
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Progressive products ... Coding ... Compliance ... Claims editing ... Beginning with the initial input of patient data through the final scrutiny of the payer's remittance advice, Alpha II’s technology, software and publications empower precision across the revenue cycle.

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We bring more than 150 years of industry knowledge and expertise across the administrative, clinical and operational aspects of healthcare software development. We are committed to delivering the highest quality coding and billing solutions to clients nationwide every day.

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We demonstrate excellence in healthcare processing while ensuring the security of our customers’ protected health information (PHI). That’s why we maintain full accreditation from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).

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The CodeWizard content database and rules engine is unique, with strengths and features that are unmatched in the healthcare IT industry. And, because our team of software, healthcare, and IT experts are continually making updates and improvements, CodeWizard's database and rules engine is always current and increasingly robust.
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ClaimStaker gives healthcare organizations—including physician practices and hospitals—access to essentially the same technology payers use for claim adjudication. By editing claim files prior to submission, ClaimStaker can improve claim validity and cash flow, and demonstrate clinical defensibility.
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The Alpha II Registry is a secure, integrated, web-based solution. We can report any sub-set of all measures and all measure groups through measure configuration that is customizable to meet any and all physician practices' reporting needs.
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The Alpha II ANSIllary software development toolkit (SDK) assists developers in the manipulation of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12N transactions. The ANSIllary SDK parses ANSI files and validates that the files correctly adhere to the corresponding ANSI X12N format.
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Easy Coder is a user-friendly diagnosis code book that makes it simple to select accurate and precise codes. Featuring a unique all-alphabetical format, the 2015 Easy Coder ICD-10 CM Draft will be perfect for dual coding, learning ICD-10 CM, and learning new documentation requirements. A favorite among coders and physicians for 25 years.
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Once again, Easy Coder lives up to its name, as the most user-friendly diagnosis code book on the market.

Order your Easy Coder ICD-10 CM Draft 2015 today!

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